Rick Reewith transforms people's lives that are in crisis.He has the qualifications to use different modalities in helping people to overcome any challenges that they may be facing. eg anxiety & depression, addictions, traumas, fears & phobias, sexual issues, relationship problems to name a few. He is a Clinical Hypnotherapist ,motivational speaker, business coach, life coach and will transform your life into perfect existence.

Rick Reewith offers specialist service to Businesses, Students, and Individuals. Using NLP techniques, Rick Reewith can transform any sales team into an unstoppable force in the market place, transform any student performance to obtained phenomenal results, and transform your life into the perfect existence you've always imagined.

Rick Reewith is an honorable member of

American Union of NLP and

The American Alliance of Hypnotists

He holds the following qualifications:

            Certified Forensic Hypnotherapist

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

 (American Alliance of Hypnotherapists)

Certified NLP Master Practitioner

(Neuro Linguistic Programming)

(American University of NLP Practitioners)

Certified Life Coach (AUNLP)

Certified Reiki Master ( URHM)

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